Best Bike in India 2021 for Mileage and Performance Under 1 Lakh | MOTORINDIA

Check out 10 Best Bike in India 2021 for Mileage and Performance Under 1 Lak.The list of top-rank Mileage bikes prices, photos and more at MOTORINDIA.

NO argument in most selling bikes in India are Best Bike in India 2021 For Mileage and Performance and low maintenance bikes, these bikes are from the manufacturer such as Honda, Hero and Bajaj and also TVs.

10 Best Mileage Bikes in India 2020

This was the high style theory but the Modern theory of best-selling Bikes is, Mileage is a factor that asks more by every customer, Due to the price of fuel increases day today so they want more mileage and Performance Bikes.

For those customers today we research and list out the Best Mileage and Performance Bikes Under 1 LakhThat new mileage bikes love every Indian to save his fuel, Money and contribute to saving the planet.

Best Mileage Bike in India

Sl.No  Model Name Engine Mileage EX-Showroom Price
1 Bajaj CT 100B 102cc 89.5km/l Rs47,000
2 Bajaj Platina 100cc 78km/l Rs50,000
3 TVS Sport 110cc 75km/l Rs53,567
4 TVS Star City Plus 110cc 70km/l Rs63,433
5 Hero HF Deluxe 110cc 65km/l Rs48,430
6 Honda CD 110 Dream 110cc 65km/l Rs 65,000
7 Hero Splendor iSmart 110cc 110cc 60km/l Rs66,000
8 HERO GLAMOR 125cc 55km/l Rs70,000
9 Honda shine 125cc 55km/l Rs70,042
10 Honda SP 125 125cc 55km/l Rs75,000

1-Bajaj CT 100B(Mileage: 89kmpl)

The Bajaj CT 100B is the most affordable Bike in India. The updated CT100  with BS6 has a unique electronic fuel injection system rather than the normal fuel injected system, for this, it can manage the stringent BS6 emission norms without the use of fuel ejection.

Bajaj CT100 updated to 102cc BS6 gives you est mileage with 7.0ps at 7500rpm. The weight of CT100 is 115 kg and available in two variants CT100KS Alloy BS6 and CT100 ES Alloy BS6.
The price of CT100b KS Alloy BS6 starts at 47,000 and CT100 ES Alloy BS6 starts at 53,000 Ex-Showroom Price while both are 102cc.

From owners data of Bajaj CT 100B, it's actual mileage is 89kmpl.

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online user reviews

  • [message]
    • Jaiswal subham Kumar (>1.5 years daily own,80kmpl)##check##
      • sab Kuch mast hai aur maintenance bhi thik hai aur mileage bhi mat hai chalane mein bahut hi aaramdayak hi

  • [message]
    •  By Ritik##check##
      • 1 number ko mileage Jai bhai good condition hai engine is good but i love it the CT100 bikes LA kin look Sahi Nah I Jai

2-Bajaj Platina100(Mileage: 78kmpl)

Best mileage bikes india 2020
Bajaj Platina

Again a Bajaj bike named Bajaj Platina 100 with a 102cc BS6 engine that generates 7.8bhp power and 8.34Nm torque. Bajaj Platina 100 available in 3 variants with disc break and without disc brake. As per the report, Its single-cylinder petrol engine gives you 90kmph top speed with an 858km riding range. 9 of the 10 users like Bajaj Platina 100 due to its comfort, reliability, and low maintenance needing characteristics.

Bajaj Platina100 ex-showroom price start from Rs50.667 and the top variant price goes to Rs61,352.
As per ground-level reports, the Bajaj Platina 100 actual mileage is 78kmpl with 11-liter fuel tanks.

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online user reviews

  • [message]
    • Narendra, Jaipur(>3year daily own,71kmpl)##check##
      • Mainly, when we were going to buy a bike I like this bike very much, seeing by mileage, by style, the seat is also large, etc. The riding experience was also good, at slow speed, it is really smooth. In speed, it sounds like a sports bike, which is really good.

  • [message]
    • Rajesh Reddy, Hyderabad(Never own,81kmpl)##check##
      • It's easy to ride on this bike. Mileage of this bike is really so nice.Other company bike have very bad mileage. In this time petrol price too high for middle class family.Buy bajaj platina 100 cc bike and save your money, 100% good bike.

  • [message]
    • Rahul(>1year daily own,85kmpl)
      • I bought bajaj platina 100cc model( kick start) back in 2014. I was checking for a bike good for mileage and decided to buy platina. In the beginning i got mileage of 90km/ltr. Talking about riding i recommend its ok . You cannot go beyond 60 km/hr ,beyond which the bike.

3-TVS Sport(Mileage: 75kmpl)

Best mileage bike in india 2020
TVS Sport

The new updated on(April 2020) TVS sport is one of the best competitors on the race of bike mileage with a 109.7cc BS6 engine and 110kg weight produces 75kmpl written mileage.  TVS sport available in two variants, both feel you light-weight riding with 9.1bhp and 8.7Nm torque. In April it updated with a BS6 engine which gives Max a speed of 90kmph with a riding range of 700km with a 10liter fuel capacity tank.

Honda Shine is available in 2 variants in India. Its lowest version starts from a price of ₹53,567 (ex-showroom) and the top version from a price of ₹59,029 (ex-showroom).
From owners data of TVS Sport, it's actual mileage is 75kmpl.

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online user reviews

  • [message]
    • Prasanth, Bhopal(>2 year daily own,86kmpl)##check##
      • Its not my bike its my horse .... I feed only some but it run for me a long .. I love you pony.Less weight ease to handle I like that color which is eye catchy.Noise free and good for office givers.Tubeless tyre will gives tension free drive.Seat are good and less back.

  • [message]
    • Ritesh, Karnal(>1year daily own,65kmpl)##check##
      • Buying experience can't say good, as on-site, it is 42000+ in Kalka but I got it in 47500 and it includes 7300 of insurance, I still have to pay for RC. Saying about the bike, it is good looking, smooth, economical, but yes on speed vibrates and in hill consumes a lot off

4-TVS Star City Plus(Mileage: 70kmpl)

Best mileage bikes in india 150cc
TVS Star City Plus

Again a TVS bike TVS Star City Plus bike available in 2 variants in India and the lowest ex-showroom price starts from ₹63,433 and going t top variant price of ₹64000. TVS claims that its new FI engine gives 15% more fuel efficiency. Tvs star city plus produces 8.7Nm torque at 4500rpm from its 110cc 1 cylinder engine.

As per a report from TVS Star City Plus owners, it's actual mileage is 70kmpl.

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online user reviews

  • [message]
    • Praveen, Visakhapatnam(>1year daily own,60kmpl)##check##
      • At the time of buying i' m full excited hoping it would give mileage but unhappy with that case- riding in the town is ok but for long journey like 100-200 km it is not preferred,i personally experienced it i traveled for 200+ km and had to take bed rest for the next.

  • [message]
    • Sanjay, Bangalore(>1year daily own,87kmpl)##check##
      • This was my first motorcycle. Thought it doesn't have that power to it . But it's really stands out in it's segment . In the whole 110cc class, i think this is the best thing that you can get in less price, it has that nice sporty look and that edgy frame.

  • [message]
    • Suruli, Bangalore(>1year daily own,88kmpl)##check##
      • My experience this bike is still no problem everything is ok, last 1 years i am using bike in bangalore very good design looks great mileage excellent power awards winning bike in last 3 years i'm proud of this bike in my opinion all person use for this tvs star city plus.

5-Hero HF Deluxe(Mileage: 65kmpl)

Best mileage 150cc bikes in india
Hero HF Deluxe

Hero HF Delux is available in four variants with a BS6 engine, telescopic forks, and Dual spring system. The new Hero HF Delux offers with I3S starts and stops the system. 
Hero HF Deluxe has a 110cc engine as the heart and generates 7.9bph and 8.05Nm torque and as a "special XSens Technology" which helps to part of HERO Best Mileage Bikes in India.

Hero HF Deluxe ex-showroom price starts from Rs48,000 and the top variant price goes to 57,000.
As per ground-level reports, Hero HF Deluxe's actual mileage is 65kmpl with a 9.6-liter fuel tank.

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online user reviews

  • [message]
    • Rahul, New Delhi(>1.5year daily own,60kmpl)##check##
      • It is good bike for the people who commute daily because mileage gives by this bike save money and in some scenario it also save environment my bike good mileage approx 60 km per litre the service cost incurred is 300 only the riding posture is good the looks is average.

  • [message]
    • Deepak Rana, Varanasi(>3year daily own,55kmpl)##check##
      • This is very good bike because it is more comfortable than others .Its mileage is very good .And this bike is used for the every purpose anse..So i would like to say that this bike is very good bike if you want to buy or search for the bike then the hero hf deluxe

6-Honda CD 110 Dream (Honda best mileage bike)(Mileage: 65kmpl)

Honda Best mileage bikes in india
Honda CD 110 Dream

Honda CD 110 Dream is one of the most affordable and best mileage giving bikes in Honda's portfolio in India. The entire Dream series are known for its headlamp assembly, graphics on the tank and side panels, five-spoke alloy wheels, and a blacked-out exhaust system with a chrome heat shield.
Honda CD 110 Dream powered with 110cc BS6 engine and that generates 8.67 bhp max power with 9.30 Nm torque at 5,500 rpm.

Honda CD 110 Dream available in two variants in India, the ex-showroom price starts from Rs 65,122, and the max variant ex-showroom price is Rs 66,122.

The owner's data of Honda CD 110 Dream gives 65kmpl actual mileage which makes it honda best mileage bike.

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Online User Reviews OF honda best mileage bike

  • [message]
    • Balram Anilkumar Yaganti, Cuddalore(>2year daily own,55kmpl)##check##
      • Buying bit became long time to select liking colour. It ride smoothly and less weight.Look is bit cool but need more modification .Good maintenance getting 55 km /l.Pros : reasonable price , giving nice mileage. Cons : design have to change bit.

  • [message]
    • Prabhjeet Singh, Muktsar(>2year daily own,65kmpl)##check##
      • Its riding experience is amazing feel much power in 110cc engine according to other bikes in same segment and its rough way riding is awesome. Its mileage is good it gives 60 km per litre in first month. Its tail light, iron stand is enough to tie travelling bags for lo

7-Hero Splendor iSmart110 (Bike for mileage and style)(Mileage: 60kmpl)

Hero Best mileage bikes in india
Hero Splendor iSmart 110

Hero splendor ismart110 one of the most popular bikes in India, Due to its mileage and power combination. It generates 9bhp of power and 9.89nm torque from its single-cylinder 110cc engine. In the rural area, most people use splendor for its low maintenance, impressing max 90kmph speed and 60kmpl of actual mileage from its owners, that's the reason for its selling and happier customers. 

Hero Splendor iSmart110 available in two variants and 4 colors in India and both have a 4-speed manual gearbox. 

Updating Hero splendor ismart110 new 110cc Engin company claims that it produces 9bhp and9nm torque with a top speed of 87kmph. Hero shows that its new engine gives 9% more power and 12% more torque than its started version. Hero offers new ismart110 in two varients Splendor iSmart 110 Drum - BS-VI and Splendor iSmart 110 Disc - BS-VI.

Ex-showroom Price of Splendor iSmart 110 Drum - BS-VI  is Rs66,013 and Splendor iSmart 110 Disc - BS-VI Ex-showroom Price is Rs68,229.
As per a report from Hero splendor ismart110 owners, it's actual mileage is 60kmpl.

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online user reviews Of best bike for mileage and style

  • [message]
    • Nitin, Samastipur(1-2year daily own,65kmpl)##check##
      • Best in the segment ,bike for middle class ,student,style ,affordable ,looks.Brand like hero no 1 in India. Low cast servicing and maintenance features are best in its segment,totally different in looks no match with any bike in segment as well in any class and segment.

  • [message]
    • Ankit Singh, Ajmer(>2year daily own,75kmpl)##check##
      • I was bought splendor i3s 2 years ago . Its riding and comfort smooth and looks pretty good its performance was excellent Servicing and maintenance good.. Low budget bike so everyone effort it. I use it daily to go to college and other daily routine tour its comfort was impressive.

8-Hero Glamour(Mileage: 55kmpl)

Hero Best mileage bikes in india

Hero Glamour represents the category of muscle bikes in its price segment, its main focus on style, performance, and feature. The muscular looks along with a semi-digital instrument panel, real-time fuel economy indicator, Idle Stop-Start System (i3S), and Auto Sail Technology.

Hero Glamour powered by a 125cc BS6 engine and that generate 10.72 bhp max power with10.6 Nm torque at 6,000 rpm

Hero Glamour available in two variants in India, the ex-showroom price starts from Rs 70,900, and the max variant ex-showroom price is Rs 74,400.
From owners data of Hero Glamour, it's actual mileage is 55kmpl.

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online user reviews

  • [message]
    • Saurabh Kumar Verma, Bhagalpur(>1year daily own,55kmpl)##check##
      • This is an amazing bike in this low price.It has so many nice features like:-Good mileage high speedNice lookGood controlHigh acceleration And so many nice features. I am using this bike since 3 years but till now every thing is good mileage is still better and have stil

  • [message]
    • Nikhil Sharma, Mohali(>2year daily own,65kmpl)##check##
      • I have brought this bike on 27th Aug . It is decent for my first 2 rides but it has a problem i.E its starting problem . I came to know that it is with every bs4 engine . Yet i am facing this problem .I got a mileage of 60-70 kmpl. But i ride this bike very roughly as i.

  • [message]
    • Ashwani Aman, Deoghar(>7month daily own,55kmpl)##check##
      • Amazing bike with a great look. Maintenance charges are low. Good for local roads as well as for highways. The engine is good. Performance is also good. Give good mileage. Comes with nice color options. Ground clearance is well done for local roads.

9-Honda Shine(Mileage: 55kmpl)

Honda Best mileage bikes
Honda shine

Once again a Hond bike in the ist of Hondas Best mileage bikes in India named Honda Shine, I know you know this bike. This is one of the most sellable ikes in India by Honda motor company. It impresses bike lovers from its graphics that run all over the fuel tank and a 3D Honda emblem on the fuel tank. You can get your CB Shine with either a front disc brake or a drum brake. 

A combined brake system (CBS) is an option for both and comes as standard equipment.
Honda Shine powered with 125 air-cooled engines with 5speed manual gearbox. It generates 10.59 bhp max power and 11 Nm max torque. 

Honda Shine is available in 2 variants in India. Its lowest version starts from a price of ₹70,060 (ex-showroom) and the top version from a price of ₹74,762 (ex-showroom).
From owners data of Honda Shine, it's actual mileage is 55kmpl.

online user reviews

  • [message]
    • Pritam Barware, Bikaner(>2year daily own,60kmpl)##check##
      • I have been using this black one for the past 1 years. Every day I travel about 50-55 km in the worst condition road. The speed at which I travel is in and around 50-60 km/hr. With this consistency, I'm getting mileage of about 60 km/lit. Some times, 64 km/lit.

  • [message]
    • Tabrez Ansari, Mumbai##check##
      • I bought the honda CB shine from dhruvesh honda, Bangalore in Oct 2013. Since I got my bike, the gear shift is not working properly. I am driving daily for an average 25 km. Gear shifting is not smooth. Sometimes while up-shifting gear stuck.

  • [message]
    • Abhishek Rout, Bhubaneswar(>1year daily own,55kmpl)##check##
      • It's been 7 months, I bought the motorcycle. Talking about the looks, I wouldn't call it attractive it's okay though. This bike isn't meant to be looks and performance. It is meant to be economic and it is. I get a mileage of around 55kmpl to 60kmpl. I ride for 60kms dai

10-Honda SP 125(Mileage: 55kmpl)

Honda Best mileage bike 2020
Honda SP 125

The SP 125 is HMSI’s first BS6 compliant motorcycle in the company’s portfolio. Upgrading Honda CB shine company offers Honda SP 125 in a new premium and stylish body. Honda SP125 comes with more features than CB Shine like a fully-digital instrument console, LED head-lamp, real-time fuel efficiency, gear position indicator, and a service reminder, besides the standard information.

On the power, it's 124CC BS6 engine generate 10.72 bhp @ 7,500 rpm max power with 10.9 Nm max torque.

Honda SP 125 available in 2 variants in India its ex-showroom price start from Rs75,000 and the Disk brake variant's ex-showroom price is Rs 79,200.
From the owner's data of Honda SP125, its actual mileage is 55kmpl. 

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online user reviews

  • [message]
    • Sachin, Jabalpur(>6 months daily own,50kmpl)##check##
      • This is the first bs6 motorcycle of honda motors India. Its look is awesome. Its feature loaded like fully digital meters and led headlight. Its digital meter provides useful information like real-time and average fuel efficiency.

  • [message]
    • Amit Ranjan Singh, Patna(>10 months own,55kmpl)##check##
      • Looks good but the cost is more expensive than other 125cc bikes. Service is likely to average because at this time more and more honda bikes are on sale and facilities are the same. Waiting are long in the service center. Comfort in riding a bit low, we feel uncomfortable in the long drive.

  • [message]
    • Vinay Sonawane, Pune(>1year daily own,56kmpl)##check##
      • Amazing bike sp 125, it's the best option for buying nowadays. Almost 95% of people refer for sp125 because of its nice graphics, sporty look,smooth-riding, best engine performance, good lighting options, eco-friendly bike for a small family. I like this bike most for a long ride.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are some of the best mileage bikes for city use in 2020?

Hero Splendor iSmart110 best bike for mileage and style for city use in 2020, it can help you to impress the girls for you.

What is the best TVS mileage bike in India?

TVS Star City Plus is the best TVS mileage bike in India.

Which is the best and good mileage bike under 65,000 Rs in India?

TVS Star City Plus and TVS Sport is the best mileage and style bike under Rs65,000 in 2020.

At what speed does a bike give you more mileage?

Usually, 40–60 kmph will give you better mileage. But this depends on the type of bike.

What is the best mileage giving bike, the Bajaj CT110, or the TVS Sport?

The Bajaj CT110is best mileage bike in 2020 rather then TVS Sport

Which bike is best for mileage in 2020?

The best mileage bikes in India are Bajaj CT110 (104 kmpl), Hero Splendor Plus (80 kmpl), TVS XL100 (80 kmpl), and Yamaha Ray-ZR 125 (66 kmpl).

Which commuter bike gives the best mileage?

The commuter bike with the highest mileage is Bajaj CT110 (104 kmpl).



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MOTORINDIA: Best Bike in India 2021 for Mileage and Performance Under 1 Lakh | MOTORINDIA
Best Bike in India 2021 for Mileage and Performance Under 1 Lakh | MOTORINDIA
Check out 10 Best Bike in India 2021 for Mileage and Performance Under 1 Lak.The list of top-rank Mileage bikes prices, photos and more at MOTORINDIA.
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