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10 Best Engine Oil to improve power and performance of your Bike such as CASTROL EDGE, MOTULA 7100, etc. and How to chose Best Engin Oil for Bike.

In a year globally bikes make more than 10 to 15 million seel's. Each bike equipped with much latest technology to improve bike efficiency and performance. For getting the most performance of the engine it required perfect oil. Nowadays you noticed that most auto manufacturers use synthetic oil. 
However, not only a numerous number of oils available but the question is Which Engin il is best for my bike? it's difficult to choose Best Engine Oil For for getting better efficiency.
If you have that question Don't worry, We are ready to help you to choose the best engine oil for you. Below we discuss.
best engine oil bike

Engine oil For bike
MOTULA 7100 4T 150-180 CC
Shell Advance AX7 125-180 CC
Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil 150-300 CC
Castrol POWER1 150-300 CC
HP Lubricants Racer4 100-180 CC
Shell rotells T6 Engin oil 100-150 CC
schaeffer's synthetic engin oil 180-300 CC
Castrol Actevo 100-200 CC

Basic Feature of good engine oil.

Here are the fact that you consider when you chose an engine oil for your bike. This fact deals with character sticks of a good premium engine oil


 A premium level engine oil able to stay at the right viscosity at any(high or low) temperature of the engine, so that it could flow properly to protect engine parts.

Lubricating power

The main propose of using engine oil is to create a lubricant layer between the engine parts and to minimize friction and heat if the oil is unable to lubricant the parts so it's the same to without engine oil. A premium engine oil should able to lubricant the engine parts for a longer time, without changing frequently.

Reduce heat

The best Engin oil carries heat from lubricated parts after the engine stops. it's important that an engine oil temperature never goes high.

Clean & Elongate your Engine

This feature of a good engine oil makes your engine clean and life long. Additives of a good engine oil remove the carbon from various parts and make clean and sludge free. So using a good engine oil enhance the life of your engine.

 Benefits of engine oil

In this section we list out the various feature and detail you need to look out for so you can choose the best engine oil for your bike. A good engine oil gives your engine clean & more life, boost performance & efficiency.

Types of engine oil

1. Conventional Engine Oil/Mineral Oil.
2. Synthetic Engine Oil.
3. Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

Conventional Engine Oil/Mineral Oil.

This type of engine oil is good for new and small-capacity engines for a few kilometers, it provides the best protection to a new bike. Mineral oil composed of additive and minerals, so it improves lubricant so you don't run out of the product. Many bike manufacturers use this type of oil 1st in their new bike.

Synthetic Engine Oil.

Synthetic Engine Oil is modified mineral oil with pure crude oil as an additive and advanced technology. Synthetic oil is 1st choice of bikers as it's low viscosity, smoothness & reduces internal friction. The amazing thing about this oil is it contributes to increasing the fuel efficiency of engines at an honest price, which absolutely worth it.

Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil

Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil is a balanced mixture of crude oil and synthetic elements. Being hybrid oil, its cooling nature is flawless and it also degrades slowly compared to mineral oil.
However, it is not recommended to use semi-synthetic oil on a high-performance machine. It results in premature wear and tear of the engine thus reducing its life. Semi-synthetic oil is ideal for 125-180 cc medium-sized engines.

10 Best Motorcycle Oil & Recommendations 2021


castrol edge

That is no douted in Best Engine Oil For Your Bike in 2020. The Castrol 03101 edge is superior synthetic oil as it keeps well-lubricated and provides well performance. 
This is sure that there the oil do there job excellent and ensures that all parts are well-oiled regardless of speed and heat. The main region to make the best engine oil on2020 is it prevent the formation of slug and other deposit, There for you engine well functions for a long time.
  • [tab]
    • Positive
      • || optimal lubrication property || Maintains viscosity in most temperature || suitable to numerous vehicle || with standard engine pressure well || improved fuel efficiency ||
    • Negative
      • || not as effective at high temperatures ||

2-MOTULA 7100 4T

best engin oil- Motula 7100 4T

The Motul 7100 4T is a fully Synthetic motor oil with ester technology. Formulated to meet with the latest in bike manufacturer specifications with relation to API and JASO. It's designed to improve the oil layer for better performance t high temperatures.
Motula says than using this oil you can rich 1000 miles without replacing it. But it's a drawback is that it is not compatible with low capacity bikes but on the other side it offers excellent value in a few amounts. For this  take place in 10 Best Engine Oil For Your Bike
  • [tab]
    • Positive
      • || Compatible with different engines || Excellent lubricant || Good for all seasons || Low maintenance || Fuel efficiency ||
    • Negative
      •  || Expensive ||


Valvoline synpower the lubricant king of engine oil, there are numerous who match this. Due to this, there is no chance of parts strick, so for this, it reduces the risk of overheating. Another thing of this is it has perfect viscosity so your engine remains clean and run smooth.   
  • [tab]
    • Positive
      • || well-lubricant and protection ||  Good for all-weather ||  Well reduce the heat of the engine ||  Compatible ||  Fuel-efficient ||
    • Negative
      • || not suitable for all bike in summer ||

4-Shell Advance AX7

Best Engine Oil For Bike - Shell advance AX7

This is a far choice of 100 to 150 cc bike users in India and a global level. Like others in the list, the SHELL ADVANCE AX7 also boosts the performance of engines regardless of conditions.
  • [tab]
    • Positive
      • || Delivers more power & response ||  Reduces engine noise & vibration || Protects & prolongs engine life || API SM || JASO MA2 ||
    • Negative
      • || Not for all bike || No proper heat manage ||

5-Mobil 1 V-Twin Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Best Engine Oil For Bike - Mobil 1 v-twin

The Mobil 1 V-Twin Synthetic Motorcycle Oil is the expert in reducing the noise produced by a lack of lubricant and heat. It has a steady flow and a special blend to lubricant make a place in 10 Best Engine Oil For Your Bike.
  • [tab]
    • Positive
      • || well protector || excellence compatibility || go long maintenance || maintain well viscosity ||
    • Negetive
      • || expensive || no fuel efficiency ||

6-Castrol POWER1 Racing 4T 10W-40

Best Engine Oil For Bike - Castol power 1 20w-50w

Castrol products are the finest products in the racing area no other can match it. Castrol power racer 4T is from one of the successful products of Castrol for racers from its name. It improves the acceleration of bike by reducing internal friction and give power. 
But this also has a disadvantage like a leakage if your engine gasket not properly fixed. Also, it produces more noise rather than other engine oil
  • [tab]
    • Positive
      • || API SL, JASO MA2 || Recommended by Triumph for all four-stroke models || Deliver exceptional acceleration ||
    • Negative
      • || Only for a four-stroke bike || No suitable for all Bike ||

7-HP Lubricants Racer4

Best Engine Oil For Bike - HP Lubricants Racer4 15W-50 API SL Engine Oil for Bikes (2.5 L)

If you own a modern four-stroke bike then HP Lubricants Racer4 synth is the best engine oil for your bike. Hp or Hindustan Petroleum is a trusted and well-established brand of oils in India. HP Lubricants Racer4 synth is a semi-synthetic oil with the latest technology that you get a smooth ride, so it makes conform place in the list of best engine oils in India. The racer4 gives you well fuel efficiency, rapid pickup, and a denoise ride.
HP Lubricants Racer4 synth Is fill with the best requirements of all types of bikes.
  • [tab]
    • Positive
      • || High engine durability || High fuel efficiency || Low oil consumption || Lower maintenance cost || Longer oil || and engine life ||
    • Negative
      • || Not sustain for2000kms and tappet nose || Fast heat problem ||

8-Shell Advance AX7

If you own 100- 150cc bike then this for you in India. It bost performance by lowering friction and well lubrication. It works properly in stressful and over tear regardless of condition and gives comfort and a smooth ride to the driver. 

  • [tab]
    • advantages
      • || well lubricated and protector || additional maintenance feature || fuel efficiency ||
    • dis adv
      • || no suitable for all bike ||

9-Schaeffer's synthetic engine oil

Best Engine Oil For Bike - Schaeffer Manufacturing 9000-012S Supreme 9000 Full Synthetic Engine Oil, 5W-40, 1 Quart

As you own a diesel bike usually you don't have I know it, But this oil only for a diesel engine. This oil defends you from sludge, carbon, and other to deposit and prevent yeasts. This oil has a high quality of lubrication. Another strong part of this oil is if you looking to improve durability of the engine so this il work properly for you.
  • [tab]
    • Positive
      • || Extremely lubricating and protective || Increase engine durability || Suitable in wear condition || Well additives ||
    • Negative
      • || Only for diesel engines || Expensive ||

10-.Castrol Active

Best Engine Oil For Bike - Castrol Activ 4T 20W-40 Petrol Engine Oil for Bikes (1 L)

Castrol is a branded company in the lubricant an oil manufacturer industry. Day by day it increases its technology and represents a powerful company in the world of automotive and lubricant industry for the bike.
 The result of enhancing Castrol technology is Castrol Activo 4T which based on Active-bond technology. The main propose of this oil is to make clean your engine and give protection in any situation of the bike. Surprisingly The Activebond molicules decrease heat
  • [tab]
    • Positive
      • || Provide 75% better wear protection || Fight deposits ||  Provide superior engine cleanliness during running || Provide excellent corrosion protection || even when the engine is off ||
    • Negative
      • || Not for big Bike ||

Top 5 Brands in engine oil manufacturing

Here are 5 best engine oil manufacturing brands in India.  All are best but hear the least is also best.
  • [tab]
      • Castrol is the most trusted and leading Engin oil producer in INDIA. The largest manufacturer of automotive lubricants in India and controls most of the Indian lubricant market.
    • SERVO
      • Servo is the leader of lubricants, engine oil, and greases in India. SERVO is one of the largest oil and gas companies of India and also listed as 1st in Fortune India 500 list for the year 2018.
    • SHELL
      • Shell Oil Company is amongst the largest oil companies in the world and partnered with Indian Oil, Reliance Industries. The global lubricant supplier offering best formulations for your vehicles and also planning to expand more number of petrol pumps in India.
    • MOTULA
      • The French company MOTUL leading company in the business of Coolants, Greases, and a specialist in synthetic oils. cars engine oils and lubricants for the automotive industry. 
      • Valvoline India is a leading provider of automotive motor oil in India, Offers wide range of lubricants, highest quality engine oils and transmission fluid for your vehicle.

FAQs About Engin oils

  • [accordion]
    • Q-Which is the best engine oil for 4 stroke bikes?
      • According to we described CASTROL POWER 4T is best for a 4 stroke bike then VALVOLINE SYNPOWER . But t depend open your bike like which cc bike you have and what use of your bike.
    • Q-Which engine oil is best for Honda bikes?
      • For Honda bikes, officially HP Lubricants Racer4 is the best choice. Also, you can choose CASTROL ACTIVE as a substitute
    •  Q-Which engine oil is best for 125cc bike?
      • Castrol active is a far choice for 125cc bike and scooter also. Also, you use Shell advance AX5 and Castrol power both are popular.
    • Q-Can we use engine oil in a bike?
      • No, Why you try this? thinking is good but you should never try this type of worst idea. There are some differences between this oil, is it possible so why brands invest money on different oils. I hope you understand. 
    • Q-Which is the best engine oil for a bike in India?
      • No nesecery to give the answer it as we describe above the 10 Best Engin Oils For You. Whatever it is CASTROL EDGE.
    • Q-When should I change my bike oil?
      • You should change engine oil twice in a year in general for good performance. But if you use mineral engine oil then you change engine oil after every 3200 k.m drive. In case of  Semi-synthetic and full-synthetic engine oil this distance become 8-9000 k.m and 11-16000 k.m
    • Q-What happens if engine oil is not changed in bike?
      • If you don't change your engine oil for a long period 1st it gets a heating problem. Also, you get the low performance and fuel efficiency, After that may your engine shot down or oil gets frizzed and never work your engine.
    • Q-What happens if a bike runs without engine oil?
      •  So simple without engine oil your engine get fire after some time, Due to lack of lubrication and extreme internal friction. so, you change oil time to time.
    • Q-How do I keep my bike engine healthy?
      • For good health you take care of vike like yours. You should check the following things , Break it in properly, Get to know the inner workings, Check the oil regularly., Maintain the brake pads., Keep the motorcycle engine running smoothly., Keep tires in perfect shape., Take care of the chain., Check the spark plug yourself.
    • Q-How do I check my bike engine condition?
    • Q-How do you know if your engine is burning oil?
      • In the case of burning oil from an oil leak, you will usually notice the smell associated with burning oil before you actually see any smoke.



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MOTORINDIA: 10 Best Engine Oil For Bike 2021 - MOTORINDIA.IN
10 Best Engine Oil For Bike 2021 - MOTORINDIA.IN
10 Best Engine Oil to improve power and performance of your Bike such as CASTROL EDGE, MOTULA 7100, etc. and How to chose Best Engin Oil for Bike.
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